Cole Hamels Deserved 15-Game Suspension, Jim Leyland Says

Cole Hamels earned a five-game suspension — essentially pushing his next start back one day — for admittedly throwing at Washington Nationals rookie star Bryce Harper during the Phillies’ win on Sunday night. According to manager , Hamels got off light.

During the Tigers’ radio pregame show before Monday’s game at Seattle, Leyland said that Hamels deserved “a 15-game suspension, at least.”

“I know (Hamels is) a very good pitcher, a very talented guy,” Leyland said, “but when you come out and admit it like that — that ball could have missed, hit him in the head or something else — and you come out and admit that … I think five games is way too light.

Leyland added that he believes a suspension like the one Hamels received undermines the use of umpire warnings during games, because the league does not go far enough to follow-up with punishments in these cases.

“It becomes a joke,” Leyland said. “Let’s tell it like it is, and I know I’ll probably get some phone calls but I don’t care.”

Hamels beaned Harper in the back in the first inning Sunday night. Harper went on to single, double and steal home in the game, a 9-3 Phillies win. Hamels, who was himself hit by Nationals pitcher Jordan Zimmermann in the third inning, later told reporters that he threw at Harper on purpose.

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