Detroit Tigers Links: Nick Castellanos Promoted, Takes Next Step in Journey to Major Leagues

Here are the latest news and notes on June 5, 2012:

• It took a while, but the Detroit Tigers finally decided to promote red-hot third base prospect to the next level of the minor leagues. The 44th pick of the 2010 draft has been on fire, hitting over .400 and has finally advanced to Double-A. — SB Nation Detroit

• In what is probably one of the dumbest disagreements between two teams in major league history, the Tigers have responded to the ’ criticism of Comerica Park’s security personnel. The Yankees felt security was sluggish when apprehending a fan on the field during the series finale on Sunday. — Freep

• The way the team is playing right now, it seems like every series is a big one, but this week’s series with the Cleveland Indians might be a make-or-break point in the season for Detroit. A sweep could move the team back to within 1.5-games of the Tribe. CBS Sports has the preview of the series —

• For everyone who was all up in arms about dealing for , well put your arms down as both pitchers are now in the minor leagues. The Nats sent Ryan Perry back down to AAA Syracuse, largely because of his inconsistent outings and team high 10.13 ERA. — Washington Post

• Bill Shea takes a look at the current state of the Tigers. He focuses more on how the team spent more money in the offseason and have three fewer wins than they did at this time last year. It is a different type of look at the team from a business perspective instead of just purely sports analysis. — Crain’s Detroit

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