Michal Rozsival, Brett Clark, Carlo Colaiacovo Among Detroit Red Wings’ Free Agent Options

Earlier this week, we took a look at which teams might have available defensemen if the opt to explore trade (or restricted free agent) possibilities. But there remain a few intriguing, if underwhelming, names on the unrestricted free agent list.

The Detroit Free Press’ George Sipple picked out three Sunday: Michal Rozsival, Brett Clark and Carlo Colaiacovo.

None of these names are new ones for most Red Wings’ fans — and none of them fit the bill of an obvious top-four guy, which is what Detroit needs most. But all three players are veteran presences and can contribute when they’re healthy, a variable that has held Rozsival, Clark and Colaiacovo down in recent seasons.

Of the three, Colaiacovo has the highest upside. He’s 29 years old, compared to 34 for Rozsival and 35 for Clark; he also brings a little more of a two-way game to the table — his 19 points last season was the highest total of the group (Rozsival had 13; Clark had 15), despite playing just 64 games.

It’s hard to imagine any of the three commanding huge deals, and it’s possible that the Wings could swipe one with a one-year deal. Will they pursue that option before full testing the trade waters? Considering that they haven’t done so yet, we might have our answer.

What do you think, Red Wings fans? Do any of these players intrigue you?

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