Detroit Tigers Links: Austin Jackson’s First Inside the Park Home Run Delivers Big Win, Thrills

As the Detroit Tigers picked up a big Friday night win deep in the heart of Texas, here’s the latest news and information from around the web for August 11.

  • The Tigers earned a big series opening win in Texas Friday night, courtesy of ’s big bomb and ’s speedy inside the park home run. The win helped the Tigers stay 1 game behind the Chicago White Sox in the Central Division standings. —Detroit Free Press

As noted in the Chicago Tribune, Jackson’s hit was not only important; it was historic. The round tripper was the first inside the park home run a Tigers’ player had hit since Curits Granderson accomplished the feat in 2007 against the New York Yankees. —Chicago Tribune

Jackson, a Denton, Texas native, made plenty of friends and family in attendance happy with his performance yesterday. Historically speaking, it was the first time a Tiger player had hit a triple and inside the park home run in the same game since 1977. The spectacular plays provided Jackson’s rooters with something extra loud to cheer about, espeically seeing as they can’t see him in action much. —The

From the rivals perspective, JP Starkey of SBNation writes that this series in Arlington is a good barometer for the Rangers. Starkey believes these games will show fans a lot about the Rangers, because they’re playing against a potential playoff team in Detroit. —SB Nation

The forecast for the next two days? Hot, especially Sunday afternoon, where temperatures should reach triple digits. To say the Tigers will be facing the heat going up against Yu Darvish would be a vast understatement. —The Detroit News

Finally, in case you missed it, Tigers’ manager happens to agree with Andrew Tomlinson and myself and disagrees with Chris Burke. He says Miguel Cabrera should be the obvious MVP of the league over Mike Trout, using words such as “mark it down” and “take it to the bank.” —The Detroit News

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