Detroit Lions May Have Finally Found Their Feature Back in Mikel Leshoure

Mikel LeshoureThe have dropped two tough games in a row, but there is a bright spot in the losses and his name is .

His skill set is not one the Lions have had in their backfield since the years Barry Sanders was talking handoffs. Leshoure is quite a big running back for the moves he can pull off. One might compare him to a Bo Jackson-type player, without the breakaway speed, but Madden players should not expect him to play like Jackson did in Tecmo Bowl. By no means is Leshoure on the talent level as Bo, yet, but the size and agility are quite similar.

Leshoure didn’t have the quality runs against the Vikings that he did in Tennessee, but that can be attributed to the stellar play of the Vikings defensive line and some poor Lions tackling. Even without the big plays, he was able to show his ability to break tackles and make something out if nothing. There were no breakout plays last week, but he did turn a few would-be negative runs into small gains.

Is Mikel Leshoure going to make the fans forget about Barry Sanders? Absolutely not.

Have the Lions found a quality, reliable running back? Yes they have and with the highflying passing attack that is already well established, this is just what the doctor ordered.

If the Lions can run the ball effectively on a regular basis, the offense could be one of the most feared in the league. The double coverage on Calvin Johnson every play would start to disappear and there would be no more worry about who the running back will be next week. The Lions could turn themselves into a real powerhouse if Leshoure can be what he has shown he can be.

This is something the fans and the city have been waiting for since Mr. Sanders retired, a running back we don’t have to worry about, who has that ability to break tackles and make the exciting run. Mikel Leshoure looks like he can fill that hole in Lions fans’ hearts while at the same time giving Matthew Stafford and the rest of the passing game some breathing room.

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