Detroit’s Football and Baseball Fans Benefit from Ideal Bye Week Setup

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We’d like to thank the NFL schedule makers for supplying this year’s ’ bye week at the perfect, most ideal time.

Someone—perhaps some computer—in a busy New York high rise must have figured months ago that on October 7, 2012 the would be in the ALDS, and playing just a stones throw from Ford Field this Sunday at precisely 12 noon. Thankfully, for avid fans of both teams, the Lions also have this day off, giving the “back” button on remotes across Michigan a day off.

Here’s some more good news. All of this means there’s no need to rake the leaves, cut the lawn a final time, decorate the house for Halloween or run that plethora of errands you’ve been putting off. Just do what you’d always do on a fall Sunday at around noon. Tell your wife the chores can wait until some other time, because the Tigers are playing. As she gives you an exasperated look and walks from the room, remind her you’re not kidding. Then duck, as something is likely heading straight for your temple.

Yes, fall in Detroit is becoming a pretty special time sports-wise. Last autumn, as the Tigers were charging toward the ALCS, the Lions were also on their way to 5-0. Who can forget crazy October 2, 2011? The Lions were completing their epic comeback in Dallas to reach 4-0, just as the Tigers were looking to stay alive in their series against the New York Yankees. Somehow, despite all the ebbs and flows in each game, both teams got the job done that afternoon.

There was only one problem: many people might have missed critical parts of each game. If you’re a fan of both teams, imagine trying to juggle between those options. Here are the Lions, completing a stunning comeback in Dallas with several improbable touchdowns. At the same time, the Tigers are walking the tightrope in the Bronx. There are bases loaded jams, home runs and finally, . All of this at the same time was beyond enough to drive people certifiably insane. Somehow, there were no (documented) head explosions on this day, and Metro Detroit escaped “Stuffed Survival Sunday” 2-0.

This Sunday, get set for a more laid back experience. The cool California kid Doug Fister will try and calm down the Oakland Athletics’ lineup. Fister’s persona on the mound almost talks through the television to his fans. “Duuude, chill. I got this. Worry about your fantasy football team and enjoy the show, man.” If nothing else, enjoy the fact you don’t need to fret about missing two games at once this early weekend in October. If the Tigers keep winning, though, that becomes a real possibility in the weeks ahead. Certainly, no true Detroit fan will complain if that’s the case again very soon.

So breathe deeply Michigan, and devote all of your attention to the Tigers today.

Don’t fret, the Lions will be back next week, same time same place.

In addition to the Detroit Sports Site, Max DeMara is the editor at Lions 101. You can find him on his personal Twitter account @SportsGuyTheMax, and on that site’s Twitter, @detroitlions101

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