Andrew Shaw Goal Waved Off on Controversial Interference Call: Video

The Chicago Blackhawks got on the scoreboard Monday night when Patrick Kane scored on a breakaway just seconds after the refs turned the other way on what appeared to be an obvious boarding penalty. The were on the fortunate end of the whistle moments later, as Andrew Shaw’s apparent game-tying goal was waved off because of inadvertent goalie interference.

Kane’s goal came about because Niklas Hjalmarsson somehow avoided a penalty despite burying Franzen from behind into the glass with a two-handed cross check. As Franzen lay shaken up in the Chicago zone, Kane took a long pass and went five-hole on Howard.

The Blackhawks were not as fortunate on the Shaw play. Viktor Stalberg circled back from the goal line and fired one on — the puck appeared to ricochet in off Shaw’s leg or forearm, but the goal was waved off immediately, with Shaw cited for being in the crease and preventing from making a save (there was no penalty on the play).

Here’s the video. Judge for yourself:

“I disagree with the call,” Chicago coach Joel Quenneville said in his postgame press conference. “He didn’t touch the goalie.”

Whether or not two wrongs make a right here (do the no-call on the Franzen hit and the questionable call on the Shaw interference equal out?), the Wings certainly had to be relieved to get the whistle the second time. Pavel Datsyuk then bumped Detroit’s lead back to two goals with a dazzling goal, and the Blackhawks never again pulled within one.

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