Detroit Pistons ‘Serious Contenders’ for Andre Iguodala, According to Report

Ever since opted out of the final year of his contract with the Denver Nuggets (which would have paid him about $16 million, by the way), the have been mentioned as a possible suitor for the small forward.

FOX Sports’ Sam Amico kicked those rumors up a notch Friday:

Joe Dumars explained the draft choice of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope by bemoaning the Pistons’ lack of talent on the wings. Iguodala, a 15-plus point-per-game scorer for his career, certainly would provide a boost there, and his ability to play some defense and hit the boards has to intrigue Dumars.

Iguodala also enjoyed his best offensive seasons from 2005-09 with the Philadelphia 76ers, when new Pistons head coach Maurice Cheeks was the front man there. In Cheeks’ final three years with Philadelphia, Iguodala averaged 18.2, 19.9 and 18.8 points, respectively.

The Pistons currently are looking at approximately $22 million in cap space for next season — a number that could grow significantly if the Pistons buy out Charlie Villanueva ($8.58 million) or trade Rodney Stuckey ($8.5 million). The highest-paid player on the roster behind that duo is Jonas Jerebko at $4.5 million.

In other words, Detroit has money to spend, even if it can convince point guard Jose Calderon to stick around for a couple more seasons.

Of course, the last time Dumars hit the market with a relatively open checkbook, he handed a pair of egregious contracts to Villanueva and Ben Gordon, which stunted the Pistons’ rebuild. He’ll need to be much more judicious this time around.

Does Iguodala fit those plans?

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