Rajon Rondo Still on Detroit Pistons’ Minds? Latest Rumor Hints at It

The made their latest big acquisition earlier this week, scoring guard from Milwaukee in a sign-and-trade deal. That move seemed to close the door on the Pistons’ rumored pursuit of Boston point guard , but … maybe not.

Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe reported that the Pistons might still be in the market for the Celtics’ point guard.

Just because the Pistons acquired Brandon Jennings in a sign-and-trade deal with the Bucks doesn’t mean they’ve lost interest in Rajon Rondo. In fact, they could eventually use Jennings as a trade chip and seek to acquire Rondo. There are going to be several interested parties in Rondo, and that number could increase when he shows he’s fully recovered from anterior cruciate ligament surgery.

A bit off the wall, perhaps, but the thinking here is this: Jennings gives the Pistons yet another valuable trade asset, more so than Brandon Knight did. And at 23 years old, Jennings is four years younger than Rondo, whose contract expires after 2014-15. Plus, the Pistons landed Jennings at an extremely reasonable $8 million per year, which would make him movable should the Pistons opt to head down that road.

There’s long been a belief that Joe Dumars has coveted Rondo and, given the pieces currently on this Pistons team, the Boston point guard might be a better fit than the high-scoring, passing-challenged Jennings.

So, tell us what you think: Should the Pistons stand pat, after an offseason chock full of big moves? Or should they try flipping some pieces, possibly including Jennings, over to Boston in an attempt to land Rondo?

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