Yellowcard Guitarist Ryan Mendez: Red Wings Asked if Band Was Available for Winter Classic

In an interview with the Detroit Sports Site about his following of the , guitarist Ryan Mendez says he was asked by the organization what the possibility of the group playing the would be.

Mendez, a Detroiter by birth, is a vocal Red Wings fan both on stage and on Twitter. Guitarist for the widely successful group, Yellowcard, he stated he asked if he could be involved with the Winter Classic in anyway possible. With his group’s nation-wide success and notoriety, he was asked what the interest would be in them playing the Winter Classic.

“They asked me what the chances of something like that were and obviously I was unbelievably supportive, but that is not a decision I can make by myself,” Mendez said of the opportunity for him to play the Winter Classic. ”I basically directed them to the proper channels in terms of manager and booking agent and I have no idea if something like that would work out, but I’m sure if it could I know we would.”

Despite the large scale and notoriety of the event, the timing is troublesome in terms of having the performance, due to its proximity to the holiday season.

“I wouldn’t get my hopes up because it’s right smack over Christmas and the holidays which people usually like to have off,” Mendez says of the groups chances of playing the Winter Classic. “At that point we will just have completed like a year and a half of straight touring so I know people are going to want their holidays, but I know I’m going to try. I’m going to obviously be raising the flag in the corner trying to say ‘hey let’s do this, if there is any possible way,’ but I’m not expecting it.”

Mendez along with the band’s lead singer Ryan Key are Red Wings fans, with Mendez born in Detroit and growing up in California and Key spending part of his childhood in the Detroit area as well. The Winter Classic has a history of pairing music with the event, as Styx and The Clarks both performed in Pittsburgh during the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins affair.

This season’s version of the Winter Classic will take place between the Detroit Red Wings and on New Years day 2014 in the Big House.

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