Detroit Red Wings Rumors: Wings ‘Keenly Interested’ in Jerome Iginla, According to TSN

Will the make a run at impending free agent ? TSN’s Darren Dreger says that it’s possible, if Iginla cannot come to an agreement on a new deal with the Boston Bruins … and if ’s similar free-agent situation drags on for too long.

Iginla wants to stay with the Boston Bruins and there’s talk they’re negotiating on both a two-year deal and perhaps a one-year deal maybe very similar to the contract he signed with the Bruins last year with a cap hit of $1.8 million with a bonus structure that deeply impacted the Bruins. If they can’t get a deal done in Boston, then the Detroit Red Wings are among the teams that are keenly interested in Iginla as well. The Red Wings also have interest in Alfredsson, who is believed to be coming back but he hasn’t made it 100 per cent certain yet. He works on his own timeframe, similar to Teemu Selanne but I’m also told he’s willing to be flexible.

Given the number of young forwards Detroit has pushing for roster spots next season, this probably is an either/or situation. In other words, it’s hard to imagine the Wings making a play for both Iginla and Alfredsson.

Iginla, 37 on July 1, had yet another productive campaign in 2013-14: 30 goals, 31 assists for 61 points. Other than the strike-shortened 2013 season, Iginla has topped 30 goals and 60 points every year since 1999-2000. Obviously, he’s closer to the end of his career than the beginning, but that’s the type of scoring the Wings could use up front.

Add in Iginla’s veteran presence and his penchant for being a pain in the behind and it’s not hard to imagine why the Wings might be intrigued, especially at a base salary of less than $2 million with bonuses folded in. (Of course, those bonuses pushed Iginla’s contract closer to the $6-$7 million range. Overall, that might wind up being too rich for the Wings’ blood — reportedly, they want Alfredsson to play for less than $5.5 million he made last season.

But for now, count it as a possible Plan B if the Alfredsson talks fall through.

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