Ken Holland’s Wikipedia Page Altered by a Disgruntled Red Wings Fan

Ken Holland

’s popularity may be at an all-time low in Hockeytown after he stumbled his way into re-signing Kyle Quincey on Tuesday. To wit: Holland’s Wikipedia page was hit by what we can only assume is an unhappy fan.

Surely, the page will be changed back to its usual form at some point, but the altered intro paragraph lingered for awhile on Wednesday afternoon.

And just in case you need a clearer look at what the Wikipedia jokester had to say, here’s part of the new Holland bio:

“Despite only being able to bring back useless, garbage players and overseeing the complete destruction of the powerhouse Detroit Red Wings teams of the 90s and 00s, Holland continues his employment, hoping his lack of any real accomplishment on his own merit is noticed. Without Hakan Andersson and Jim Nill, he’d be managing a Big Boy.”

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