How to Be Safe With Testolone

If you are so much in awe of a bodybuilder’s bulging muscles, don’t believe him is he says he got it from his dedication and hard work. This is because the body cannot build those massive muscles even with regular extended workouts in the gym. This is because our body has myostatin that limits us to gain more muscles at a certain point.

It’s not uncommon that bodybuilders take SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulators to help them grow their muscles. With the many kinds of SARMs being manufactured, testolone must be the most powerful when it comes to muscle building abilities. Besides muscle building, RAD 140 can also increase endurance and stimulates fat loss. It can also enhance libido, mental clarity, recovery, and vascularity.

But being the most potent SARM can have its disadvantages, too. When not being careful with your intake, RAD 140 can give you some health conditions. These can include nausea, acne breakout, muscle swelling, headache, restlessness, testosterone suppression, and liver damage.

Here are helpful tips for you to optimally enjoy the benefits of RAD 140 or testolone while keeping its side effects at bay.

Take the Right Dosage

If you are only new to SARM use, RAD 149 should not be the recommended SARM for you because of its high potency. After taking other SARMs and your body is now ready for a stronger SARM, you can go for testolone. You should first start at 5 mg daily. If your body reacts well after a week or two, you can gradually increase the dose until you reach 10 mg.

Athletes and those who have been taking other SARMs for quite some time can start with 10 mg. Only seasoned users of RAD 140 should take 20 mg.

Undergo Post Cycle Therapy

After a cycle, it is crucial for you to take post cycle therapy, which may take four weeks or more. This will help your body to recover and to prevent side effects. Your body needs to produce testosterone once again, or you will be in for many abnormal conditions. Once your testosterone suppression is prolonged, you may experience breast enlargement, bloating, and other nasty side effects.


Purchase from Reputable Online Stores

It is quite confusing where to buy the best bodybuilding products, especially testolone as several online stores are selling this popular SARM. Going for well-known brands sold at reputable stores can be the best way to procure a safe and potent RAD 140.

Author: John Bergeron